Introductory Microeconomics for Public Policy


If you would like to have a discussion board activated, or if there are other features on Blackboard that you would like to use, please let me know.


I highly recommend Desmos for graphing equations. While not a substitute for your ability to draw graphs by yourself, it is a highly useful tool for checking your work and understanding how changes in an equation change the graph.

Math Review

Before the beginning of the semester, I sent all registered students a link to a math assessment. The assessment is posted here, and the answers are here. At the end of the online assessment, I offer advice on whether you should consider additional preparation. If you would like to continue your math preparation, you have three options. You are welcome to use any and all of these resources.
  1. Math review with Prof. Nancy Augustine, as part of orientation. You will receive an email from either Nancy Augustine or Denee Bottoms with details on this.
  2. Math review with TA David Meni, Sunday August 28, 1 to 2:30 PM, PHIL 416.
  3. Kahn Academy review tutorials. You will need to create a login to access these tutorials.
    1. Order of operations
    2. Exponents
    3. Expressions with two variables
    4. Systems of equations with two equations and two unknowns
    5. Two step equations
    6. Solutions and graphs of two variable equations
    7. Graphing with intercepts
    8. Slope of a line
    9. Graphic linear equations in slope-intercept form
    10. Constructing equations in slope-intercept form