PPPA 6022 -- Econometrics for Policy Research II Public Policy 6022 -- Econometrics for Policy Research II

George Washington University
Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration
Spring 2014

syllabus available at http://home.gwu.edu/~lfbrooks/leahweb/teaching/pppa6022/pppa6022.html


Course Description and Learning Objectives
Contact and Office Hours
Course Logistics
Course Overview
Course Content
Course Policies

Course Description and Objectives

This course is the second in a two-part graduate sequence in econometrics. It follows the content from PPPA 6013.

As a result of completing this course you should be able to

Contact and Office Hours

Prof. Leah Brooks
Media and Public Affairs Building, Room 601F
Office Hours: Let's chat about this
lfbrooks at gwu.edu

I will do my best to answer emails within 24 hours during weekdays, or within 24 hours on the soonest weekday if you email on the weekend. If you do not hear from me within this time frame, you should assume that your email has been lost and you should re-send.

If you have missed a class, please contact another student to ask what you have missed.

TA Nick Hart
Office hours by appointment nrhart at gwu.edu


Course Logistics

Wednesdays, 6:10 to 8 pm


PPPA 6013
If you have not taken 6013, please come see me to discuss taking this course.


Required textbook: Wooldridge, Jeffrey M. Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach, 5th edition.

The textbook is on order at the campus bookstore. I have tried to link to all remaining readings from this syllabus. Please let me know if you have difficulties with any of the links, or with permissions. Readings are subject to change, given the pace at which we move through the material.

Course Overview

Class Date Topic Due
1 January 15 Causality and Regression Review
2 January 22 Fixed Effects
3 January 29 Differences-in-differences Paper Proposal
4 February 5 Hazard Models
5 February 12 Instrumental Variables I Problem Set 1
6 February 19 Instrumental Variables II
7 February 26 Regression Discontinuity I
8 March 5 Regression Discontinuity II Problem Set 2
no class March 12
9 March 19 Matching I
10 March 26 Matching II Display of Quantitative Progress
11 April 2 Catch-up/Requests
12 April 9 Student Presentations on Papers
13 April 16 Student Presentations on Papers
14 April 23 Structural Estimation Final Paper

Course Content

Outline is preliminary and subject to change.

  1. Causation and Regression Review
  2. Fixed Effects
  3. Differences-in-differences
  4. Hazard Models
  5. Instrumental Variables I
  6. Instrumental Variables II
  7. Regression Discontinuity I
  8. Regression Discontinuity II
  9. Matching I
  10. Matching II: Synthetic Controls
  11. Catch-up/Requests
  12. Student Presentations
  13. Student Presentations
  14. Structural Estimation


  1. Problem Sets (10%)
  2. Research Paper (70%)
  3. Paper Summaries (10%)
  4. Class Participation (5%)
  5. Presentation on research paper (5%)


Course Policies